What's New

Starting with the update to version 4.0, we have changed the name of this app from "TV SideView" to "Video & TV SideView," as well as redesigned the icon, because we are providing a new viewing experience that combines TV and video.

- TV Programs on Program guide can now be changed to a different color for each genre.
- The app is now compatible with iPhone 6s/6s Plus 3D Touch. When Video & TV SideView icon is pushed firmly on the home screen, shortcuts such as remote control startup are displayed.
- TV Start Notification: When connected to a compatible BRAVIA TV, the app can sense a Bluetooth signal from the BRAVIA TV when you arrive home and notifies you of the most popular programs currently broadcasting. (A TV software update is required)

[Notification to iOS 7 user]
Starting with version 4.0, Video & TV SideView for iOS will only be available on iOS 8 or later.
Please be aware that if your device is running iOS 7, you will not be able to run Video & TV SideView for iOS Ver. 4.0 or any subsequent versions.

You will still be able to continue running TV SideView Ver. 3.0 on iOS 7. However, the AppStore will not provide any earlier versions of TV SideView, so if you uninstall TV SideView Ver. 3.0 from a device running iOS 7, be aware that you will not be able to install the same version again.

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