Cannot register the home device / Video & TV SideView does not recognize the home device.

  • Is the home device you want to register compatible with "Video & TV SideView"? For details, check here.
  • Make sure the home device that you want to use with "Video & TV SideView" is turned on.
  • When registering a BRAVIA TV, make sure that [Remote Device / Renderer] in the settings of BRAVIA TV is set to [On].
  • Make sure your mobile device and home device are connected to the same home network. Otherwise you cannot operate the home device on "Video & TV SideView".
  • If your router supports the Multi-SSID function, make sure the mobile device and home device both connect to the primary SSID.
  • If your router supports a privacy separator function, make sure it is disabled.
  • Turn off the router and home device, turn it on again, then try again after a while.
  • Please check whether the router you are using supports DLNA. If necessary, please inquire with the router manufacturer.
  • Your router may not be able to find a home device if it is connected via wireless LAN. In this case, retry after connecting the home device and router using a wired LAN.


    You need to connect your TV to a network with wireless LAN if you use the Remote Timer REC function with the Sony's Android TV™ in the European region.

Register by IP address

If you cannot find devices to register, you can input IP addresses and register devices.
(Android only. iOS is expected to be supported with a software update in future.)

[Devices that can register an IP address]
 - Blu-ray Disc™/DVD Player
 - Blu-ray Disc™/DVD Home Theatre System

[How to set]
 1. Tap [Register by IP address] on the device registration screen.
 2. Enter the IP address of the home device and tap [OK].

You can find the IP address of the home device from network settings under [network settings] on the device settings screen.


  • Some devices cannot connect to the network when checking its IP address. Close the confirmation screen and register the IP address.
  • If you register an IP address, depending on your router, you may not be able to use some functions of the Video & TV SideView.

  • [Functions that may not be available]
     - Home network function
     - FM Tuner function (Home theater systems released between 2013 and 2014)
     - USB function (Home theater systems released between 2012 and 2014)