What is Wi-Fi Direct?

Wi-Fi Direct is a function that connects Wi-Fi devices directly without a wireless LAN router (access point). When you use the Wi-Fi Direct-compatible BRAVIA TV, you can directly connect the mobile device to the BRAVIA TV without a home network connection and control the TV with the Video & TV SideView application.

  • The following devices are required when you register a BRAVIA TV in Video & TV SideView with Wi-Fi Direct.

    • Wi-Fi Direct-compatible BRAVIA (Released in 2012 or later)


      If a mobile device is connected to a BRAVIA TV released in 2011 with Wi-Fi Direct, registration of the TV in Video & TV SideView will not be possible.
    • Mobile devices (Android OS 4.1 or later)


      See here for compatible mobile devices of the latest version of Video & TV SideView app.
      Some Android 4.3 mobile devices may fail to connect to a BRAVIA TV.

    When connecting a mobile device to a BRAVIA TV with Wi-Fi Direct, see “Registering your TV BRAVIA with Wi-Fi Direct.”
    If the Wi-Fi Direct connection does not work, see “Cannot connect a mobile device to a Wi-Fi Direct-compatible BRAVIA TV with Wi-Fi Direct.”