Frequently Asked Questions about the discontinuation of TV Program Guide and Video on Demand functions

What functions will be unavailable after May 30, 2017?

  • The following functions will be unavailable in Video & TV SideView.
    • Top picks(excluding My Library for Android version)
    • TV Program guide
    • Timer REC / Reminder
    • Video on demand information (YouTube, PlayStation Video, Crackle, watchmi, Zattoo, PPTV, UseeTV and SerialAbTak)
    • My program search
    • Search TV progs/videos
    • My bookmarks
    • Notification settings - TV Start (Popular)

Will the remote control function still be available?

  • Yes. You can continue to use the remote control function.

Is there any alternatives to the functions that will be unavailable?

  • Please use the function in the BRAVIA TV for the TV program guide and Timer Rec.
  • Note

    • There are no alternatives to the "Timer Rec" and the "Reminder" from the mobile devices.