Home device which can be controlled by Video & TV SideView

* Video & TV SideView is not compatible with the devices not on these lists.

    As of May 30th, 2017, the Video & TV SideView app's Timer REC/Remote Timer REC function was discontinued. For details, check here.


2018 model

   US/Canada/Mexico/Latin America model

■KD Series
 KD-43X750F, KD-49X750F, KD-49X755F, KD-49X757F, KD-55X750F, KD-55X751F, KD-55X755F, KD-55X757F, KD-65X750F,
 KD-65X755F, KD-75X780F
■XBR Series
 XBR-49X900F, XBR-55A8F, XBR-55A9F, XBR-55X900F, XBR-55X905F, XBR-55X907F, XBR-60X830F, XBR-60X835F, XBR-65A8F, XBR-65A9F,
 XBR-65X850F, XBR-65X851F, XBR-65X856F, XBR-65X858F, XBR-65X900F, XBR-65X905F, XBR-65X907F, XBR-65Z9F, XBR-70X830F, XBR-70X835F,
 XBR-75X850F, XBR-75X855F, XBR-75X857F, XBR-75X900F, XBR-75X905F, XBR-75Z9F, XBR-85X850F, XBR-85X855F, XBR-85X900F, XBR-85X905F

   Europe model

■KD Series
 KD-43XF8505, KD-49XF8505, KD-49XF9005, KD-55AF8, KD-55AF9, KD-55XF8505, KD-55XF9005, KD-60XF8305, KD-65AF8,
 KD-65AF9, KD-65XF8505, KD-65XF9005, KD-65ZF9, KD-70XF8305, KD-75XF9005, KD-75ZF9
■KDL Series
 KDL-43WF805, KDL-49WF805

   Asia model(except Japan/China)

■KD Series
 KD-43X7500F, KD-43X8500F, KD-49X7500F, KD-49X8500F, KD-49X9000F, KD-55A8F, KD-55A9F, KD-55X7500F, KD-55X8500F,
 KD-60X8300F, KD-65A8F, KD-65A9F, KD-65X7500F, KD-65X8500F, KD-65X9000F, KD-65Z9F, KD-70X8300F, KD-75X7800F,
 KD-75X8500F, KD-75X9000F, KD-75Z9F, KD-85X8500F, KD-85X9000F
■KDL Series
 KDL-43W800F, KDL-49W800F

2017 model

   US/Canada/Mexico/Latin America model

■KD Series
 KD-43X7500E, KD-43X8000E, KD-43X8200E, KD-43XE8005, KD-49X7500E, KD-49X8000E, KD-49X8200E, KD-49X9000E, KD-49XE8005,
 KD-49XE9005, KD-55A1, KD-55X8000E, KD-55X8200E, KD-55X8500E, KD-55X9000E, KD-55X9300E, KD-55X9500E, KD-55XE8505,
 KD-55XE9005, KD-55XE9305, KD-65A1, KD-65X8500E, KD-65X9000E, KD-65X9300E, KD-65X9500E, KD-65XE8505, KD-65XE9005,
 KD-65XE9305, KD-75X8500E, KD-75X9000E, KD-75X9400E, KD-75XE9005, KD-75XE9405, KD-77A1
■XBR Series
 XBR-43X800E, XBR-49X800E, XBR-49X805E, XBR-49X807E, XBR-49X900E, XBR-55A1E, XBR-55X800E, XBR-55X805E, XBR-55X807E,
 XBR-55X900E, XBR-55X905E, XBR-55X907E, XBR-55X930E, XBR-65A1E, XBR-65X850E, XBR-65X855E, XBR-65X857E, XBR-65X900E,
 XBR-65X905E, XBR-65X907E, XBR-65X930E, XBR-75X850E, XBR-75X855E, XBR-75X857E, XBR-75X900E, XBR-75X905E, XBR-75X940E,
 XBR-75X945E, XBR-75X947E, XBR-77A1E
■KJ Series
 KJ-43X8000E, KJ-49X8000E, KJ-49X9000E, KJ-55A1, KJ-55X8500E, KJ-55X9000E, KJ-55X9500E, KJ-65A1, KJ-65X8500E, KJ-65X9000E,
 KJ-65X9500E, KJ-75X8500E, KJ-77A1

   Europe model

■KD Series
 KD-43XE8005, KD-49XE8005, KD-49XE9005, KD-55A1, KD-55XE8505, KD-55XE9005, KD-55XE9305, KD-65A1, KD-65XE8505, KD-65XE9005,
 KD-65XE9305, KD-75XE9005, KD-75XE9405, KD-77A1

   Asia model(except Japan/China)

■KD Series
 KD-43X7500E, KD-43X8000E, KD-43X8200E, KD-49X7500E, KD-49X8000E, KD-49X8200E, KD-49X9000E, KD-55A1, KD-55X8000E, KD-55X8200E,
 KD-55X8500E, KD-55X9000E, KD-55X9300E, KD-55X9500E, KD-65A1, KD-65X8500E, KD-65X9000E, KD-65X9300E, KD-65X9500E, KD-75X8500E,
 KD-75X9000E, KD-75X9400E, KD-77A1

2016 model

   US/Canada/Mexico/Latin America model

■KD Series
 KD-49X7005D, KD-55X7005D, KD-65X7505D
■XBR Series
 XBR-43X800D, XBR-49X700D, XBR-49X705D, XBR-49X707D, XBR-49X800D, XBR-49X835D, XBR-55X700D, XBR-55X705D, XBR-55X707D,
 XBR-55X850D, XBR-55X855D, XBR-55X857D, XBR-55X930D, XBR-65X750D, XBR-65X755D, XBR-65X757D, XBR-65X850D, XBR-65X855D,
 XBR-65X857D, XBR-65X930D, XBR-65X935D, XBR-65X937D, XBR-65Z9D, XBR-75X850D, XBR-75X855D, XBR-75X857D, XBR-75X940D,
 XBR-75Z9D, XBR-85X850D, XBR-85X855D, XBR-100Z9D

   Europe model

■KD Series
 KD-43XD8005, KD-43XD8305, KD-49XD7005, KD-49XD8005, KD-49XD8305, KD-50SD8005, KD-55SD8505, KD-55XD7005, KD-55XD8005,
 KD-55XD8505, KD-55XD9305, KD-65SD8505, KD-65XD7505, KD-65XD8505, KD-65XD9305, KD-65ZD9, KD-75XD8505, KD-75XD9405,
 KD-75ZD9, KD-85XD8505, KD-100ZD9

   Asia model(except Japan/China)

■KD Series
 KD-43X8000D, KD-43X8300D, KD-49X7000D, KD-49X8000D, KD-49X8300D, KD-50S8000D, KD-55S8500D, KD-55X7000D, KD-55X8500D,
 KD-55X9300D, KD-65S8500D, KD-65X7500D, KD-65X8500D, KD-65X9300D, KD-65Z9D, KD-75X8500D, KD-75X9400D, KD-75Z9D,
 KD-85X8500D, KD-100Z9D

2015 model

XBR-X94xC series, XBR-X93xC series, XBR-X91xC series, XBR-X90xC series, XBR-X85xC series, XBR-X83xC series, XBR-X80xC series, KD-X94xxC series, KD-X93xxC series, KD-X91xxC series, KD-X90xxC series, KD-X85xxC series, KD-X83xxC series, KD-X80xxC series, KDL-W95xC series, KDL-W85xC series, KDL-W80xC series, KDL-W75xC series, KDL-W70xC series, KDL-W600A series

* Please update your TV software to the latest version. For how to update the software, please see here.

* You can not install Video & TV SideView app into your Sony's Android TV ™.

2014 model

XBR-X95xB series, XBR-X90xB series, XBR-X85xB series, KD-X95xxB series, KD-X90xxB series, KD-X85xxB series, KD-X83xxC series, KD-X80xxB series, KDL-W95xB series, KDL-W92xA series, KDL-W90xB series, KDL-W85xB series, KDL-W83xB series, KDL-W8xxB series, KDL-W7xxB series, KDL-W6xxB series, KDL-W5xxA series

2013 model

XBR-X90xA series, XBR-X85xA series, KD-X900xA series, KD-X850xA series, KDL-W95xA series, KDL-W90xA series, KDL-W85xA series, KDL-W80xA series, KDL-W70xA series, KDL-W67xA series, KDL-W65xA series, KDL-W60xA series, KDL-S99xA series

2012 model

XBR-X90x series, KD-X900x series, XBR-HX95 series, KDL-HX95 series, KDL-HX85 series, KDL-HX75 series, KDL-NX65 series, KDL-EX75 series, KDL-EX65 series, KDL-EX55 series, KDL-EX54 series

2011 model

XBR-HX92 series, KDL-HX92 series, KDL-HX82 series, KDL-HX72 series, KDL-NX72 series, KDL-EX72 series, KDL-EX62 series, KDL-EX52 series, KDL-EX42 series, KDL-EX32 series, KDL-CX52 series, KDL-CX40 series

Blu-ray Disc™/DVD Player

UHP-H1, BDP-S6700, BDP-S3700, BDP-S6500, BDP-S5500, BDP-S4500, BDP-S3500, BDP-S7200, BDP-S6200, BDP-S5200, BDP-S4200, BDP-S3200, BDP-BX620, BDP-BX520, BDP-BX320, BDP-S5100, BDP-S4100, BDP-S3100, BDP-BX510, BDP-BX310, BDP-A6000, BDP-S790, BDP-S590, BDP-S490, BDP-S390, BDP-BX59, BDP-BX39, BDP-S780, BDP-S580, BDP-S480, BDP-S380, BDP-BX58, BDP-BX38, BDP-S1700ES, BDP-S770, BDP-S570, BDP-S470, BDP-S370, BDP-BX57, BDP-BX37

Blu-ray Disc™/DVD Home Theater System

BDV-N9200WL, BDV-N9200W, BDV-NF7220, BDV-N7200WL, BDV-N7200W, BDV-N5200W, BDV-E3200, BDV-N9900SH, BDV-N9150WL, BDV-N9150W, BDV-N9100WL, BDV-N9100W , BDV-N8100WL, BDV-N8100W , BDV-N7100WL, BDV-N7100W, BDV-E6100 , BDV-E5100, BDV-E4100, BDV-E3100, BDV-E2100, BDV-EF1100, BDV-N995W, BDV-N990W, BDV-N890W, BDV-N790W, BDV-N590, BDV-E690, BDV-E490, BDV-E390, BDV-E385, BDV-E290, BDV-E190, BDV-NF720, BDV-NF620, BDV-EF420, BDV-EF220, BDV-T79, BDV-T39, BDV-E985W, BDV-E980W, BDV-E980, BDV-E880, BDV-E780W, BDV-E580, BDV-E380, BDV-L800M, BDV-L800, BDV-L600, BDV-T58, BDV-IZ1000W, BDV-HZ970W, BDV-E970W, BDV-E870, BDV-E770W, BDV-E670W, BDV-E570, BDV-E470, BDV-E370, BDV-F700, BDV-F500, BDV-F7, BDV-T57

Streaming Player / Network Media Player


Sony Internet TV

NSX-46GT1, NSX-40GT1, NSX-32GT1, NSX-24GT1, NSZ-GT1

AV Receiver

STR-DN1070, STR-DN1060, STR-DN860, STR-DN1050, STR-DN850, STR-DN1040, STR-DN840, STR-DA1800ES, STR-DN1030, STR-DN1020