Frequently Asked Questions about the voice search function (Android TV)

Video & TV SideView Voice icon does not appear on the Home Screen or the Drawer Screen

  • The “Video & TV SideView Voice” is a just plug-in function into the “Video & TV SideView” app.
    Please install the "Video & TV SideView" app, if you would not have yet.

Does not work voice search function

  • Register your BRAVIA TV on the “Video & TV SideView” app.
    Please see here for how to register your BRAVIA TV.
  • Launch the remote control function in order to enable the voice search on “Video & TV SideView” app.
    To launch the remote control function, please tap the “Remote control” icon in the upper-right of the screen of “Video & TV SideView” app. And then tap the “microphone” icon on the screen of the remote control function.
  • If it still does not work, please try to reboot both your BRAVIA TV and mobile device.

    The voice search function might not work due to software upgrade for mobile devices.
    In this case, please try to un-install the “Video & TV SideView Voice” (plugin) and “Video & TV SideView” app from your mobile device. And re-install the “Video & TV SideView” app and the “Video & TV SideView Voice” (plugin) again.